Bicycling Magazine: HIA Velo: Mavericks of the Bike Industry

This small company wants to change not only where, but how, bicycles are made. Its first model—the Allied Alfa—absolutely rips.

by Ron Koch
Photos by Matt Rainey

There are numerous reasons most bicycle manufacturing—especially for carbon-fiber frames—occurs overseas. These include cheaper cost of labor as well as proximity to the rest of the supply chain. But a new company, HIA Velo, has started making and selling high-performance carbon bikes out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Domestic carbon fiber manufacturing isn’t unprecedented. Trek manufactures a limited number of its frames (super high-end models) in the States. Smaller builders such as Argonaut make around 100 per year. But HIA (which stands for “Handmade in America”) doesn’t intend to limit itself to boutique bikes. “We started this to get big,” says founder Tony Karklins. “We want to change the industry.”

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